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IT threat evolution Q3 2016. Statistics

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IT threat evolution in Q2 2016

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Channel-to-channel crosstalk: data can be captured if "evil" device is plugged into adjacent ports on same USB hub
"Man in the Middle", now I know how you look like. #defcon25
Anonymity isn't encryption. Metadata security is also important (who, to whom, when etc). That's why #Tor isn't a VPN-alternative. #Defcon25
When Smart Medicine breaches its "First Do No Harm" principle. #IoT #TheSAS2017
#Petya is a Wiper, not ransomware: threat actor cannot decrypt victims’ disk, even if a payment was made.
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- Sergey to Погружение в даркнет: Снифаем выходную ноду Tor и анализируем получившийся контент
лучше заходиииииииить через тор онлайн,...
- Denis Makrushin to The problems of heterogeneous means of protection
Of course!...
- K. Olbert to The problems of heterogeneous means of protection
Insightful diagram, Denis. Would you mind if I use it in a presentation, with credit, of course?...