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Domnatio ad bestias: Crowd-filter as a panacea for DDoS (PHDays 2014)

Protection from DDoS is the battle of resources. Crowdsourcing used to filter traffic and balance load can cut costs of DDoS control. The report will enlarge upon a security concept that makes distributed attacks ineffective. Continue reading

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@swwwolf @gdbelvin That's awesome!:)) Thank you for the advice!
@gdbelvin @swwwolf what do you think? Could we restore the whole key from this piece?
@gdbelvin Sure. By the way, do you mean "posting the private key" is the posting of white square? ;)
Hey, router! If one day your vendor left a private key in the firmware, then proudly meet your man in the middle.
@ToHackAWuzi Just to increase his drawing skills.
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